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Smart Practice Resources exists to help practice owners run their businesses more efficiently so they can sustainably do the helping work they love.

SPR highlights tools, knowledge, and systems that progressively empower you to do your best work…work that also benefits society. The advent of high-speed internet and cloud computing has changed how every profession runs, and it’s changed how clients interact with us as service providers.

From practice management software to digital marketing strategies to personal productivity systems, SPR aims to empower practice owners and helping professionals make a difference.

About Brent

I became a therapist because I wanted to help people. I quickly realized I needed to learn a lot more about the business side of therapy – particularly marketing and operations. Since then I’ve leveraged my prior experience in digital marketing to grow a successful self-pay practice from scratch.

I’m passionate about translating confusing technospeak into easy to understand concepts. So a lot of what I highlight will be focused on applying technology to make our work easier.